Happy New Year! 🎆

Welcome to 2019 everyone!

There’s a lot of things I’m looking forward to this year, including but not limited to: Getting accepted into university, space stuff (SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc.), getting my drivers license & getting into model rocketry.

2018 was a really fun year for me. I traveled with friends, youtube’d a lot, got a new desk and watched 45% of all Classic Doctor Who. I turned 20, which in and of itself isn’t really something spectacular, but hey, I’m not a teenager anymore I guess!
I got a job in the games industry! I was hired in October and started as a Level Designer in a medium sized games company in Copenhagen. It’s been so exciting getting a job in the industry I want to work in.

Obviously, everything wasn’t perfect. For example, I didn’t pass my drivers test in the first try. But we all have our ups and downs and that’s life. We should all just try to have a positive mental attitude! 😀

I hope everyone has a absolutely fantastic and brilliant 2019!

// Caspar