Working on Rockets VR

In my last post I explained how I had just bought a VR headset and my idea for a VR application where you could see rockets in their true scale with you own eyes. Well…!

I’ve made that now!

Well, There’s still a long way to go, but much progress is happening. I’ve made 11 rockets, and there are multiple features.

You can view every rocket’s individual stages and “explode” it, as you can see on the image. You can also compare up to 4 rockets as seen below. When in that view you can also swap, add and remove the rockets as you please.

In the top right corner you can click to sort the rockets. That’s what I’ve been working on this past weekend. It’s been a challenge to figure out, but it finally works this sunday evening.

I also created a Patreon for this project, so anyone interested can get early access and exclusive insight into my work.

I recently posted the first public development video, something I plan to do every month, so everyone can see how the project is coming along, and those who want to get a copy of Rockets VR can see what’s in the program at this point.

That’s all for now!

// Caspar

VR & Rockets

A couple of weeks ago I bought a cheap used Oculus Rift VR headset. I’ve always wanted a VR headset, from the moment Oculus launched their development kits 2012. It’s now at a point where gaming can be brought to the next level, and it’s so fucking awesome. Obviously the tech can be made better, but it’s already really immersive.

Because I develop my own games I of course had to try to make something for my new Rift. And because of my passion for rockets, the first thing I’ve decided to make is real-size rockets! Well… The fist thing I made was a table with some cubes that I could throw around. But then!

Blue Origin’s “New Shepard” rocket is quite small, but then it’s not an orbital rocket. But when I made this a couple of days ago and saw it for the first time in VR it blew my mind. That thing’s big!

I’m quite happy that I decided not to make the biggest, baddest rockets first, because by making the rockets of increasingly bigger size my mind can be continously blown!

I think I’m gonna make Rocket Lab’s “Electron” rocket, and then SpaceX’s Falcon 1 maybe. It’s gonna be good! I have a vision of a small VR experience that shows you a bunch of rockets in true scale.

Anyways, thanks for reading this

// Caspar

Having some fun with my camera and photoshop

Today I took some pictures of me in some fancy clothes, and on one of them, I chose to do this very extreme/silly face. Then when I moved them to my PC, I decided to edit it. I extremeified my features and I think I got a really cool picture! I think it still might be a little too realistic to look awesome, so maybe I needed to do some flesh rotting or something… But that’s not where my ‘shopping skillz are at yet! 😀

I’ve also been a part of some game jams these past few weeks, which has been awesome. I’ve created some new games, the first new ones since I started working in my new job (in a mobile game company). So I’m happy to have the time now to do little projects here and there.

“Circu-Locus” – Play it here
A game about surviving in a limited space and making that space bigger by killing enemies.
“Synth-Hack-Fart” – Working on it… 😉
Sort of guitar hero + hacking + synth music + fart sounds (when you play the wrong note). Yes these were all criteria for the game jam!

// Caspar

Building my First Model Rocket

I’m currently in the middle of building my very first model rocket. A real rocket that will fly! It’s going to be awesome to see it (hopefully) fly!

I have ordered some cheap PVC parts and crafted some of my own parts already. It’s a new hobby of mine and I’m really excited to get further into the nerdery 😀

I have so far crafted the fins, nose cone, parachute protection (from blast that will shoot it out), and some matchstick remote igniters.

I have ordered and just recieved: A PVC pipe that will become the body of the rocket, a PVC mount/cap to fit inside of the body for the motors and the shell of said motors.

I thought up until yesterday that it would be a “sugar-powered” rocket – powered by a mix of powdered sugar (C12H22O11 ) and Potassium Nitrate (KNO3). But sadly that’s illegal here in Denmark, and so is ordering a small solid rocket engine from the web. It’s legal in the USA and some other countries in Europa. I will now take a look at legal alternatives to power my rocket. THIS THING WILL FLY, DAMMIT!

// Caspar

Happy New Year! 🎆

Welcome to 2019 everyone!

There’s a lot of things I’m looking forward to this year, including but not limited to: Getting accepted into university, space stuff (SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc.), getting my drivers license & getting into model rocketry.

2018 was a really fun year for me. I traveled with friends, youtube’d a lot, got a new desk and watched 45% of all Classic Doctor Who. I turned 20, which in and of itself isn’t really something spectacular, but hey, I’m not a teenager anymore I guess!
I got a job in the games industry! I was hired in October and started as a Level Designer in a medium sized games company in Copenhagen. It’s been so exciting getting a job in the industry I want to work in.

Obviously, everything wasn’t perfect. For example, I didn’t pass my drivers test in the first try. But we all have our ups and downs and that’s life. We should all just try to have a positive mental attitude! 😀

I hope everyone has a absolutely fantastic and brilliant 2019!

// Caspar

Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to my new website!

My Name is Caspar and this website exist now to showcase who I am and what I do. Take a look around! It’s really quite cozy here.

By the way, this is me ↓