VR & Rockets

A couple of weeks ago I bought a cheap used Oculus Rift VR headset. I’ve always wanted a VR headset, from the moment Oculus launched their development kits 2012. It’s now at a point where gaming can be brought to the next level, and it’s so fucking awesome. Obviously the tech can be made better, but it’s already really immersive.

Because I develop my own games I of course had to try to make something for my new Rift. And because of my passion for rockets, the first thing I’ve decided to make is real-size rockets! Well… The fist thing I made was a table with some cubes that I could throw around. But then!

Blue Origin’s “New Shepard” rocket is quite small, but then it’s not an orbital rocket. But when I made this a couple of days ago and saw it for the first time in VR it blew my mind. That thing’s big!

I’m quite happy that I decided not to make the biggest, baddest rockets first, because by making the rockets of increasingly bigger size my mind can be continously blown!

I think I’m gonna make Rocket Lab’s “Electron” rocket, and then SpaceX’s Falcon 1 maybe. It’s gonna be good! I have a vision of a small VR experience that shows you a bunch of rockets in true scale.

Anyways, thanks for reading this

// Caspar