Hey there! My name is Caspar. Welcome to my website!

I am a 20-year-old game designer, Kerbal Space Program-enthusiast, wanna-be YouTuber/streamer, and amateur photographer and 3D artist.

I think I enjoy the process of making stuff more than the specific thing that I’m making. I think this website is a good example of that, in itself and with its content.

Below, you can see some buttons that will send you to my various online profiles. Alternatively, check out my “Me, Online” page.

I hope you enjoy this nifty little corner of the web!
Thanks for stopping by at least. ❤️


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Game Portfolio

Here are some of the games I’ve made.

Me, Online

This is my life online!

In 2018 I started to stream on sundays on YouTube and Twitch and it’s been really fun! I surely didn’t stream on all of the Sundays, but it was really fun on the ones that I did. I hope to stream a lot more in 2019.
I’ve been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program, my favourite game, and did a lot of awesome stuff in it. I also bought No Man’s Sky which I think is actually a really neat game.
I also made a bunch of videos, some of them gameplay, some of them vlogs, some of them edutainment. And it’s was really fun seeing particular videos getting a lot of views and a ton of awesome comments! <3

My online presence also extends to posting my 3D creations on several different websites and it’s really fun putting stuff out there. I enjoy doing something small by myself, putting it out and seeing the reactions. I’ve taken some lessons and improved a lot in some areas of 3D modeling.


Me, Offline

Off the internet I still do things! Who would have thought..

I bought a used Oculus Rift recently and it’s the most fun I’ve had with games in a long time. Since I work with games I naturally quickly started to develop stuff for it. One of my first projects after getting started was making real-size rockets. Since I live in Denmark there aren’t excactly many opportunities to see a rocket, let alone a launch.

So that’s why I made one for myself! I started making some of the smaller rockets out there, since I wanted the sheer size of them to keep blowing my mind. Even small rockets are big, so I thought that if I start with those, the big guys will be wild to see in front of you. Here’s the first rocket I made:

Blue Origin’s “New Shepard” space turism rocket. Goes up 100 km and then down again, and when it does it lands itself! In this image the capsule is on the booster while the booster is in “landed”-configuration. You would never see the rocket like this in real life.

In 2018 I did a small hardware project which is something I’d never really done before. I took an old laptop and “put into” and even older desktop-case and that was quite the learning experience.

I also travelled for a month around Europe with my best friends. That was a very fun time and I learned a lot about life and European culture. I didn’t travel a lot as a kid so it’s been great discovering the world first-hand in recent years.

This is me in Monaco, walking roads of the Formula 1 track. The race was the next weekend, so my friends and I were watching it (even though they don’t normally watch F1) and quite enjoyed seeing the fast cars driving around the track in minutes – what took us an hour.

Day-to-day I work at a mobile gaming company. This is what I’ve wanted to work with for a long time now, and it’s really exciting to actually be in the industry now. I work as a level designer, so I basically make a big chunk of all the levels that people play in our games.



Support me

If you like what I do and would like to see me do more, please consider buying me a coffee, so I can get the energy to do stuff! ☕😊

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee