Building my First Model Rocket

I’m currently in the middle of building my very first model rocket. A real rocket that will fly! It’s going to be awesome to see it (hopefully) fly!

I have ordered some cheap PVC parts and crafted some of my own parts already. It’s a new hobby of mine and I’m really excited to get further into the nerdery 😀

I have so far crafted the fins, nose cone, parachute protection (from blast that will shoot it out), and some matchstick remote igniters.

I have ordered and just recieved: A PVC pipe that will become the body of the rocket, a PVC mount/cap to fit inside of the body for the motors and the shell of said motors.

I thought up until yesterday that it would be a “sugar-powered” rocket – powered by a mix of powdered sugar (C12H22O11 ) and Potassium Nitrate (KNO3). But sadly that’s illegal here in Denmark, and so is ordering a small solid rocket engine from the web. It’s legal in the USA and some other countries in Europa. I will now take a look at legal alternatives to power my rocket. THIS THING WILL FLY, DAMMIT!

// Caspar