Me, Online

This is my life online!

In 2018 I started to stream on sundays on YouTube and Twitch and it’s been really fun! I surely didn’t stream on all of the Sundays, but it was really fun on the ones that I did. I hope to stream a lot more in 2019.
I’ve been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program, my favourite game, and did a lot of awesome stuff in it. I also bought No Man’s Sky which I think is actually a really neat game.
I also made a bunch of videos, some of them gameplay, some of them vlogs, some of them edutainment. And it’s was really fun seeing particular videos getting a lot of views and a ton of awesome comments! <3

My online presence also extends to posting my 3D creations on several different websites and it’s really fun putting stuff out there. I enjoy doing something small by myself, putting it out and seeing the reactions. I’ve taken some lessons and improved a lot in some areas of 3D modeling.