Having some fun with my camera and photoshop

Today I took some pictures of me in some fancy clothes, and on one of them, I chose to do this very extreme/silly face. Then when I moved them to my PC, I decided to edit it. I extremeified my features and I think I got a really cool picture! I think it still might be a little too realistic to look awesome, so maybe I needed to do some flesh rotting or something… But that’s not where my ‘shopping skillz are at yet! 😀

I’ve also been a part of some game jams these past few weeks, which has been awesome. I’ve created some new games, the first new ones since I started working in my new job (in a mobile game company). So I’m happy to have the time now to do little projects here and there.

“Circu-Locus” – Play it here
A game about surviving in a limited space and making that space bigger by killing enemies.
“Synth-Hack-Fart” – Working on it… 😉
Sort of guitar hero + hacking + synth music + fart sounds (when you play the wrong note). Yes these were all criteria for the game jam!

// Caspar